The process of manufacturing microorganisms requires high-tech equipment, accurate procedures, attentive technicians, and intense cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization. Careful planning and well though-out procedures allow us to operate in an efficient manner.

Since our technology involves life forms, special manufacturing controls are necessary. Bacteria respond to their environment much like plants and people. Critical to the process of growing microorganisms is first destroying them. It is imperative to achieve sterility of the growth environment for the microorganisms, including the fermentation vessels and growth nutrients within, to ensure only the strain of interest is produced. Careful control of the fermentation cycle and the parameters involved are required for product uniformity. All cultures being produced within the growing vessels are routinely checked by the quality control lab to ensure purity of each batch.

Upon completion of the fermentation, the microorganisms are thoroughly separated from the remaining growth medium and the process of stabilization begins. The cultures are subjected to one of several methods of stabilization resulting in either a dried powder, frozen slurry, or stabilized liquid. At this point each culture must again conform to stringent quality control specifications prior to usage approval. Dependent upon customer requirements, these cultures can be delivered as is or formulated into a standardized powder or liquid format. In the majority of cases the later is preferred and therefore upon standardization the culture is subjected to quality control approval one final time.

Sun & Earth technicians and highly specialized engineering and maintenance staff work tirelessly to ensure that each culture is manufactured to the highest achievable quality.

S & E has various packaging options available, depending upon the product. For liquid bottled cultures, S & E has a stainless steel bottling line for aseptic packaging. Powdered products are dried by lyophilization, fluid bed, or spray drying, then ground and blended on a sterile carrier.